Uncle Marriage Leave Application – 7+ Different Samples

Today in this post, we have provided many formats of Uncle Marriage Leave Application Sample for you, with the help of which you can easily write your Uncle Marriage Leave Application, which is as follows.

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Uncle Marriage Leave Application Sample 


The Principal / Class teacher

Sub- Leave for uncle Marriage.

Address City 


I want to say that I am going to my uncle marriage. Which is far away from my house. Kindly grant me leave for 5 days from to

Thanking you

Yours Obediently



Roll No


Uncle Marriage Leave Application For school


The Principal / Class teacher

Address City 


Sub- Leave for uncle Marriage.

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am Unable to attend Thess from 25th to 28th Due To My Uncle’s Marriage. Kindly Excuse Me And Grant Me Permission.

Thanking You,

Your’s Faithfully 



Roll No (3), .

Uncle Marriage Leave Application For College


The Principal.

College Name 

College City 


Subject: Leave Application for Uncle Marriag

Respected sir/Madam.

With due respect, I wish to say that my elder uncle’s marriage has been fixed to be happen on this up coming week ut home. In this regard I need a leave from the regular class for five days Shall be very obeliged to you if you gront my requested leave.

Thanking you.

Your’s Sincerely



Roll No


Uncle Marriage Leave Letter in Office

Your name. Designation. Company name



The Manager 

Company Name 

Company address

Subject : Uncle Marriage Leave Letter in Office 

Respect Supervisor / Sir

I would like to inform you that my uncle is getting married attend at my hometd my due to which I will not beCome to the office from ( start date) to (end date).

I will be very much thank f If you grant me the leave. It will be very much helpful for me…

Thanking you, 

Yours sincerely, 

[Your name]

 Your Position

Application For Uncle Marriage Leave 


The principal 

Dream Public School 

M.G. Road, Delhi

Subject To attend the marriage of my uncle

Respected sir/madam,

I beg to say that I am a student at your school. I read in 9th class. I w you that my uncle’s marriage is fixed on 23 april 2023. tellSo please allow me a leave from (Start date) to (end date). I shall Very obliged to you.

Thanking you

Yours obediently,

Your Name 

Class: 9th

Roll no.:

Uncle Marriage Leave Application Sample: I indicated in this article that there are five to six written samples for the uncle’s marriage leave application. Writing this application is a very simple task. because all that needs to be changed is your name, address, and college or school name.

Next, duplicate this application in exactly the same format as I have written. Now let’s get going.

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