Padhaee ke liye Loan application in english


Mr. Branch Manager 

(Enter the name of your branch) 

(Enter the name of your village/city)

Subject:- To take loan for higher education.


It is my humble request that my name is (write your name). I am an account holder of your bank. My savings account account number is this.

I am a student, I have passed class 12th this year with 95% marks. I want to become a doctor and I need a loan to continue further studies. Presently I need ₹2,000,00 to pay my college fees which I want to take as a loan from your bank. I assure you that I will repay my loan on time.

I request you to please consider my application once so that my future can be bright. Therefore, I request you to please give me the loan as soon as possible!

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