Leave Application For Exam Preparation – 7 + Samples 

Leave Application For Exam Preparation: In this post, we’ll go over a number of examples that will make writing your Leave Application For Exam Preparation – 7+ Samples much easier. The following are the many application formats that we have included in this post to assist you write your application more quickly.

Leave Application For Exam Preparation


The Principal

School Name

School Address


Subject: leave Application For preparation of exams.

With due respect I beg to say that my name is [ your Name] , studying in class [your class], I am writing this letter to inform you that I need live for today for preparation of exam 1 January 2024 to 12 January 2024 , as I have emergency at home (mention your reason father illness).

Therefore, I request you to accept my application and grant me leave for two days.

Your obediently

Your Name


Roll No


Leave Application For Exam By Parents To Principal


The Principal

School Name

School Address


Subject: About the absence of my daughter.

Respected sir

    It is requested that my daughter , “[ Your Name ] “ is student of [ your class], class section b in your school she has been absent for my school for the last three days the reason for which was that she was suffering from fever and was hospitalised under the supervision of a doctor.

I was busy and cloud not informed at a school his medical certificate is attached it this application.

Therefore I request you to forgive is absence from the school and grant him leave please allow him to attend the class. for this I will be forever  grateful to you.

Best Regards,

Father name



Application For Not Attending Exam Due to Fever


The Principal / Class teacher

College / School Name,

College / School Address


Subject – Application For Not Attending Exam Due to Fever 

Respected sir / madam,

     I am writing this application on behalf of my son / daughter name studying in [ class], in your esteemed institution. Unfortunately , he / she was unable to attend the exam schedule for (date ) due to a sudden fever.

           I am informing you of the situation and requesting that my child be given another chance to appear for the exam I request the concerned authorities to kindly grant my request to reschedule the exam for my child be would be grateful to you for you for your cooperation in this matter.

Please find attached the medical certificate form the doctor which certifies that my child could not attend the exam you to illness.

           I hope for your understanding for and favourable response

Thanking you in Application 

Your obediently

Your Name


Roll No


Leave Application For Exam job


   The Manager

   Company Name

    Company Address

Subject: leave require for the preparation for exam

Dear sir

      Which due respect I am your name and assistant manager in your company I always work with honestly and integrity. Can I Delhi I study at University along with a job I have an exam next week so please give me leave from ( 2 March to;20 March ), prepare for exam.

I request you too please sanction my leave for the above mentioned period I am looking forward to your positive response.

Your Sincerely

(Your Name)

Job Designation

Contact No


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Leave Application For Exam Preparation: Leave Application For Yesterday Absent In School Due To Fever: In today’s post, we have seen the formats of Leave Application For Exam Preparation – 7 + Samples , I hope this post will prove to be very helpful if this post is liked, share it with your friends

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