2+ Compensatory Leave Application

In this post, we’ll go over a number of examples that will make writing your application compensatory leave application much easier. The following are the many application formats that we have included in this post to assist you write your application more quickly

Compensatory Leave Application


I will would like to apply for a compensatory leave starting from [Start Date] till [End Date]. I have three days of compensatory leave days and 1 want to utilize all three of them for this purpose.

In case of emergency, you may contact me on [1234567890]. I am hoping that you can grant my request. I will be back after the specified date[Expected Date].

Yours Truly 

[Your Name]

Compensatory Leave Application in English


It is to bring to your kind notice that due to an urgent requirement at home, I would be unable to come to the office for the next 3 days.

Taking the last 3 non-working Saturdays into account when I worked overtime, I would like to humbly request you to grant and approve me comp off for 3 days, [Start Date] till [End Date].

In case of emergency, you can contact me on [Personal Phone No.] 

Yours truly,

[Your Name]

Compensatory leave Rules

In today’s post, we’ll talk about Compensation Leave, also known as Compensation of or under the CCS Leave Rules 1972. Friends, it is crucial that you understand what Compensation Leave is and which government employees are eligible for it before learning the regulations. Therefore, the CCS Leave Rules of 1972 contain no mention of compensatory leave. There is an administrative order that governs this holiday.

That leave is referred to as compensation leave.

which a government employee receives in place of working on vacations. There are occasions when government workers are required to report to work on Sundays or other gazetted holidays owing to urgent business. In these cases, the worker receives compensatory leave, i.e.

So let us now talk about the rule associated with this. (compensatory leave rules for central government employees)

First of all, let’s talk about the Compan Leave Accumulate i.e. how much can be deposited. So friends, there is a rule related to this that there is no limit to accumulate tree leave from the company instead of working on Sunday or Holiday.

That is, there is a limit. But this leave can be allowed to be used only within one month from the date of working on the day of leave. If it is not possible to give this leave to all the employees within a month without disrupting the work of the office, then in special circumstances i.e. in the case of the Secretariat staff in the case of the Joint Secretary or above officer Joint Secretary and above and in the case of another attach or subordinate office, the Head of Head of Department can relax the rule of one month’s time limit.

compensatory leave rules

That is, compensation leave can be given to the employee even after one month from the date of working in the office on leave.

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